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Dress Up Your Farmers Market Greens With Homemade Salad Dressings

Nothing beats the fresh flavor of locally-grown lettuce from the Whitewater City Market. Those tender greens are nutritional powerhouses that are best enjoyed soon after being harvested, so plan to purchase and serve them within just a couple of days of the market. Thanks to Matt from MY Farm for once again sharing a picture from the farm as he harvests for the market!

The Benefits of Local Lettuce
Before we get to the dressing recipes, let’s appreciate the many nutritional advantages of buying lettuce from local farmers:

  • Higher Nutrient Levels – Locally grown produce is allowed to fully ripen before being picked, maximizing its vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content. Lettuce from a farmers market is typically harvested within 24 hours of being purchased.
  • Better Taste – That just-picked flavor really shines through with local lettuce. The shorter distance it travels from farm to market means those fresh, delicate leafy greens retain their peak taste and texture.
  • Environment-Friendly – Buying local reduces the carbon footprint from long transportation of produce. It also supports your local agricultural ecosystem and economy.

Knowing the benefits of those beautiful local greens is half the journey, now it’s time to give them the delicious dressings they deserve with these simple recipes:

Basic Vinaigrette – a perfect go to recipe that is anything but basic. Don’t be afraid to swap ingredients in and out based on what’s in your pantry or suits your pallete. A go to vinaigrette is a must have recipe.

Green Goddess Dressing – swap tarragon for the herb of your choosing or market acquisition and also give it a try with garlic scapes for a tasty way to up the goodness of your already nutritious salad greens with this recipe.

Sweet & Tangy Strawberry Vinaigrette – perfect as strawberry season comes early this year, only four ingredients and another excellent use for local honey is this recipe.

Chunky Blue Cheese – pull some of your pantry and fridge staples to the rescue and delight of your tastebuds: blue cheese, buttermilk, mayonnaise, sour cream, milk, vinegar, and a few seasonings make this steakhouse dupe superb.

The next time you pick up that fresh local lettuce, you’ll have a tasty arsenal of homemade dressings to liven it up. The best produce deserves the best dressings – just another way to enjoy the flavors of the season!

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