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Community Tip Jar

With the most recent order by Governor Evers, some of our local downtown businesses have had to close their doors to the public or significantly reduce staffing levels. Due to this many local servers, baristas and bartenders are either out of a job or working minimal hours. With this in mind, Downtown Whitewater Inc. has created a virtual tip jar to help support our local service industry staff. If you would like to help support some of these hard working individuals that help make Whitewater special, please consider sending a tip to them.

How to Tip: View our list of service industry workers that are currently accepting tips. Once you find the person or people you would like to tip their PayPal/Venmo info will be available for you to make a tip to. Tip Here

How to Sign Up: To sign up please fill out the form. Community members will be able to tip you via Paypal/Venmo and all money tipped will go directly to you.

East Gateway Sculptures

The East Gateway Sculptures, titled Ascent and Bloom by Milwaukee artist Richard Taylor, are dedicated by Fort Community Credit Union to its members and the Whitewater community.


​Each sculpture draws on the past, present, and future of the Whitewater community. While drivers may remark the similarity to trees and appreciate the way they blend into the city’s landscaping, walkers and bikers are able to take in each panel, or “branch”. Images of items from the Esterly Reaper factory, agricultural plowing patterns, and native birds are among images featured. Artist Richard Taylor also received assistance from the Whitewater Historical Society while researching the area. Viewers are encouraged to view the pieces and plan a visit to the Depot Museum to see the featured historical artifacts and learn more about Whitewater’s colorful past. A link to the Whitewater Historical Society website can be found here.

Taylor said of his process, “My approach to the Gateway Sculptures was first to use abstract tree compositions. Rusted steel seemed appropriate for the material as it is very durable, has an organic look to it, and requires no maintenance. I tried to unify these symbols [of Whitewater’s history and spirit] not only by their placement near one another, but by a subtle theme of arcs flowing through the artwork, like water flowing in the river. The pieces are topped by two iconic Whitewater items, the bell in front of City Hall and the stars from the flag in the Historical Society. Whitewater has a rich history, and it was fun and rewarding paying tribute to it in these sculptures.”

Please click here to see illustrations of the pieces' panels. You will note slight changes between the renderings here and the finished product. This is the result of the artistic process and working with community input.

Photos with Artist Richard Taylor in his Studio

Sculpture Installation Photos

Landscaping Photos with UW-Whitewater Learning Communities

"Whitewater Is" Word Cloud

The Whitewater Marketing Alliance, a collaborative group whose goal is promote Whitewater, prepared a survey to begin to find out how residents of Whitewater feel about their community. The survey asked for one-word answers to the question “Whitewater is….”

The results of the survey, which received nearly 150 responses, can be seen in this graphic, commonly called a word cloud. Words that were used fewer than five times were not included in the graphic. Top responses include UW-Whitewater, community, home, small, quaint and friendly.

This sign can be downloaded, printed and displayed as a way to show support for Whitewater.

The Whitewater Marketing Council includes representatives from the City of Whitewater, Downtown Whitewater, the Whitewater Chamber of Commerce, the Whitewater Unified School District, UW-Whitewater, and the Greater Whitewater Committee.

Volunteer Opportunities

At Downtown Whitewater, we have tons of opportunities to volunteer! Email or call (262) 473-2200 for more information.


Every Tuesday

Market Maker 2-3:30pm
It truly takes a village to run the Whitewater City Market every week! Help us move picnic tables, set out tables and chairs, place signs, set up tents and more.

Clean-Up Champion 6-8pm
There’s still a lot to do after the Market fun ends every week! Assist with clean up and tear down of market materials. (We start early as daylight shortens toward the end of market season!)

​Parade of Lights

Date: TBD 2021

Set-Up Elf 2-4pm
Help us get the town parade-ready for Santa! Assist with setting up children’s activities, the winter market, and parade prep.

Santa’s Helper 4-6pm
Santa needs help supervising his elves as they make crafts and play games before the parade begins! You will be stationed at one of the businesses in Downtown Whitewater and responsible for supervising children’s activities.

Parade Security 6-6:45pm
Get a front row seat for the parade when you volunteer as a parade security guard! You will be responsible for manning the barricades that block the parade route from the rest of the street. Hot chocolate and hand warmers will be provided.

Clean-Up Elf 7-8pm
Help us clean up after the parade, winter market, and children’s activities.

Downtown Cleanup

Every Friday

Mother Nature Warrior Call or email to set up a time
Help us keep Downtown Whitewater clean! You will be responsible for caring for the community via cleanups in the downtown area, light landscaping prairie maintenance and occasionally assisting with light office work.

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